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Picchiotti: Gems and Tradition

The story of high-jeweler Picchiotti unfolds over the past half century. Giuseppe Picchiotti, created his company in Valenza, an ancient Italian town known for jewelry-making. Today, Picchiotti is known all over the world as the premier jeweler of Italy. The Valenza atelier produces masterful works of art. Picchiotti’s sophisticated collection is created entirely in-house, assuring excellence in the execution and complete quality control. The founder still scours the globe in search of rare stones befitting his elite brand.

Picchiotti’s jewelry is an artful fusion of classical styling and modern sensitivity. Its distinctive design makes a masterful use of calibrated stones, especially baguettes. The design is almost architectural in its intricacy, with the use of well-proportioned stones and baguettes of every size. The result is jewelry of exquisite beauty and artistry, designed to be worn for many generations to come.

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