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Chanel’s Code Coco Watch

There are plenty of watches masquerading as jewelry, but a watch masquerading as jewelry that fastens with a handbag clasp? Enter the new Code Coco, so named because of the different codes you must decipher before you can fully appreciate Chanel’s latest piece of wrist candy.

The French fashion house is full of codes, from the quilting known as matelasséon its handbags to the camellia flower, Coco Chanel’s favorite bloom, and several of them are very clearly visible on the new Code Coco watch. The sinuous stainless-steel bracelet is comprised of tiny squares that recall the famous quilted design, and the clasp that sits above the tiny watch hands is in fact an exact replica of the fastener on Chanel’s iconic 2.55 bag. 

From the novel way in which this watch opens, by unfastening it on top of, rather than behind, the wrist, to the satisfying click made by the clasp when it snaps shut, I can see it appealing to jewelry and watch lovers alike, not to mention fans of the 2.55 who will want to wear their Code Coco on the same arm as their handbag.

A rectangle of black lacquer runs down the middle, divided in two by the clasp. On one side is the discreet, petite dial, devoid of numbers or markers, on the other a single square diamond. Hidden behind the stainless-steel case is a high-precision quartz movement for effortless maintenance, and you can choose between two models – with our without diamonds around the bezel. 

It’s chic, it’s cool and it’s certainly Chanel’s most intriguing watch yet. 

Source: Claire Roberts (The Jewellery Editor)

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